Collect and correlate billions of logs every day, and get the information you need in a matter of seconds

Adapted to regulations, saving on infrastructure investments

XSecure is the product that manages security, system and application logs; it can collect and store billions of logs on the optimised database every day. Correlate data in real time and respond to your searches quickly.

Problem analysis and diagnosis are simplified and quicker: two competitive advantages for all companies equipped with complex information systems.

XSecure also requires a light hardware infrastructure to handle a significant number of events.

Exclusive functions

Compliance XSecure simplifies the procedures to adapt the company to legal obligations, with particular attention to privacy and the protection of personal data.

Scalability XSecure offers extremely high performance through the progressive expansion of resources, using a distributed and optimised database for the management of huge volumes of data with Big Data technologies.

Who it's for

XSecure is designed for security departments, which must comply with regulations that require log retention

Even operation teams use XSecure to analyse the technological logs and detect faults on devices, on servers and on applications

100 K +
Log sources and events
20 BLN +
Records managed per day
1,000 +
Active users

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