Monitor the performance of your solutions and resolve critical issues as quickly as possible: before they even become a problem

Keep your infrastructure under control with the monitoring tool suited to your needs

XSpotter is the scalable and customisable platform that simplifies the management of IT resources: it collects, logs, analyzes and presents all the performance and availability indicators of your infrastructure in all its components: servers, network devices, services and applications.

Real-time data updating allows you to immediately detect malfunctions or performance drops, to correct or prevent the problem. Thanks to the ease of customisation and use, XSpotter cuts management costs.

Exclusive functions
  • Manages dynamic thresholds on the basis of the analysis of the performance trend, and detects the problems by comparing the expected curve with the verified curve.
  • Capacity planning With the forecast analysis of the measures, you instantly discover if, and when, you could saturate a certain resource
Who it's for

In companies with complex IT infrastructures, XSpotter meets the needs of the operation and engineering teams.

In addition, thanks to the dashboard and customised reports, the manager is always up to date on the state of the IT infrastructure.

400 K +
Monitored resources
15 MLN +
KPI managed every 5 minutes
2,000 +
Active users

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