Complete, ready-to-use monitoring solution

If you use IT as a strategic resource to achieve your business objectives, monitoring the performance and 24/7 availability of your applications is an essential requirement.


What is it?

Our service provides for the creation of a monitoring solution, based on our XSpotter platform, which allows you to detect performance drops or malfunctions in your applications, safeguarding your image and your business.

How does it work?

  • We analyse your needs
  • We design the most effective solution with you: we take into account your technological infrastructure, identify the critical points and risk factors, define the elements to be monitored
  • We develop the solution, based on the use of Xech products, possibly integrating them with products you already use
  • We install and configure the system
  • We ensure maintenance, support and evolution.

What advantages does it provide?

  • Immediately intercept problems or performance drops in your infrastructure.
  • Prioritise troubleshooting, based on your business goals: this saves you time and money.
  • Get the overall picture of your capacity planning and asset management activities to help you more efficiently manage your resources.