Complete, ready-to-use security solution

To comply with information security regulations, you need an effective solution to process personal and sensitive data in respect of privacy.


What is it?

Our service provides for the creation of a log and event management solution adapted to your specific needs and based on our XSecure platform, which allows you to process huge volumes of data for compliance with regulations and for statistical analyses and troubleshooting.

How does it work?

  • We analyse your needs
  • We design the most effective solution with you: we take into account your technological infrastructure, we define the most suitable model for the data to be managed and their volume, we evaluate the level of confidentiality of the data to be processed, adopting the protection techniques that ensure compliance with regulations
  • We develop the solution, based on the use of Xech products, possibly integrating them with products that you already use
  • We install and set up the system
  • We ensure maintenance, support and evolution.

What advantages does it provide?

  • Savings on the infrastructure costs normally required for managing huge volumes of data.
  • Promptly respond to requests from legal authorities
  • Provide Marketing, Engineering and Operations groups with continuously updated information