Services Security
The role of Information Security in modern organizations is closely linked to business requirements and must integrate organizational, strategic, technical and operational issues; this pervasiveness affects the services companies are to deliver, since corporate Information Security is required to:
  • become the true “reliable party” protecting the company,
  • become deeply familiar with the organization’s business processes and infrastructure projects,
  • be able to generate value.

Xech security services and solutions allow for the systematic checking of the entire life-cycle of a security solution, covering Solution Planning, Operation&Change Management, Problem detection and Response to a given attack. Special importance is attached to IT Security Management solutions, i.e. the corporate process which manages and ensures a pre-determined security information level for IT services and the technology infrastructure.


Methodology used
, the proprietary solution designed and implemented by Xech, involves the complete analysis of the life-cycle of a security solution by means of the use of both proprietary and third-party tools, suitably selected from the best products available on the market.
The proprietary tools developed in this area include the XSecure software product, used in the Problem Detection stage to collect and correlate security alerts issued by security devices, and XPolicy software product, used both in the Solution Planning and in the Operation&Change Management stage to check the consistency of firewall security policies with the corporate policies defined.


Xech security supply consists of the following stages:

Solution Planning, which enables the following:

  • determination of corporate resource security types and levels (organization, processes and technology infrastructures) in order to achieve business targets;
  • execute a Vulnerability Assessment to evaluate the degree of security of the company;
  • design a security architecture which is consistent with V.A. decisions, also in terms of compliance with the relevant international standards;
  • determine the organization’s guidelines and have security resources focus on the most critical areas.

Operation&Change Management, which enables the following:

  • turn security strategies and architectures into technologies and processes that allow achieving business targets;
  • ensure the on-going management of security and checking by means of the organization, processes and technologies;
  • update, monitor and improve the technology environment, while being highly aware of potential risks.

Problem detection, which enables the following:

  • perform the initial stage of accident analysis, collecting and linking the events occurred;
  • represent in a report the type of accident and the details of the subsequent analysis performed;
  • determine the impact of the accident on resources.

Response to an attack, which enables the following:

  • recover standard functionality after an accident or an emergency;
  • reduce the impact of accidents by quickly recovering standard functionality;
  • re-align the security process to business targets.


Target customers
Xech IT security management solutions cater for all the companies that use Information Technology as a strategic resource to achieve their business targets, use web-based applications for the management of basic processes and identify the monitoring of the performance of these applications as a critical success factor.
Xech’s security service and solution supply is tailored to individual customers: larger-sized enterprises, which are already equipped with a policy, various tools and technologies, are offered Xech custom solutions which, in addition to covering unsupervised areas, integrate with existing tools; medium-sized enterprises are offered a complete security solution based on the use of products developed both in-house and by third parties.
Xech’s preferred interlocutors at customers’ are typically – in lager-sized enterprises, internal IT Security managers, Application Area Managers or the company’s top management, while in medium-sized enterprises Xech interacts directly with IT Managers.


Xech solutions, on the basis of the analysis of the as-is corporate situation, analyze potential vulnerabilities, optimize Security Operation best-practices with a timely identification of potential accidents and the system engineering capability to recover standard operation of resources and produce the following main benefits:

  • increased corporate asset and image protection
  • immediate reduction of business operating risks
  • improved efficiency in anomaly detection and recovery processes and in updating/change and reporting
  • integration with all the issues of the security management life-cycle.


XSpotter as a solution to check the service levels delivered (Service Level Management)

An outsourcing service provider in the area of connectivity and security supply area needed to measure and prove compliance with service levels agreed (SLA) to its Customers.


Following the publication of "Decreto Gentiloni", defining the technical requirements for the filtering tools to prevent the access to sites identified by the "National Center for the contrast of child pornography", is come the need for the Internet Providers to adopt appropriate solutions.

Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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