Services Deep Packet Inspection

The Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a method of analyzing the data packets in order to detect the contents not belonging to pre-defined criteria.

This type of analysis was mainly used by the Internet Service Provider to identify anomalies in the protocols, intrusions and propagation of viruses, to maximize the traffic on the network and to gather statistical data about the network usage. However, the progressive growth in bandwidth usage is causing - for companies in all the business sectors - the need to have a way of analyzing the type of traffic and to identify priorities in the use of the bandwidth according to actual business needs.

The DPI solutions provided by Xech allow analysis of the Customer network from an application point of view, in order to improve the utilization and optimize the costs. In particular the Xech solutions allow to examine not only the header of data packets passing through the network, but also the data contained in packages that, once labeled, can be redirected, blocked, tagged, restricted in terms of bandwidth or simply logged for post-analysis.

Thanks to DPI, the companies can optimize the network usage, through the reduction of bandwidth consumption, reduce costs, by defining the IP flow to assign priority, based on application type and user profile.


Methodology used
The methodology used by Xech in the design and implementation of DPI solutions, involves the use of specific devices for the collection and analysis of data traffic within a network. This approach allows you to effectively highlight the characteristics of real network usage and to know what percentage of the bandwidth capacity (and related costs) is absorbed by services useful to the company or by non-productive traffic. Based on this information, you can understand the reason for any performance issues and define the applications and services to be assigned for higher priority in the use of bandwidth.


Xech can support the customer in all the design and implementation stages of a DPI solution. Typically, Xech’s activity articulates as follows:

  • gathering and analyzing customer requirements;
  • analysis of the solution to implement;
  • development of the solution, based on the use of devices that are tailored to specific needs and possibly integrated with other products already used by the Customer;
  • installation and set up;
  • maintenance and evolution of the solution.

The DPI solutions of Xech allow to: 

  • introduce policies based on agreed service quality;
  • control the network needs of VoIP, Video, P2P streams;
  • introduce a protection to a bandwidth associated to a single service;
  • limit and/or expand the use of bandwidth depending on the characteristics of individual users;
  • ensure compliance with the agreed SLA;
  • introduce the concept of cost depending on the bandwidth actually used.


Target customer
The DPI solutions of Xech turn to all the companies that make use of web-based applications to manage their processes, and who need to ensure adequate bandwidth capacity at any time to the applications that underlie these processes, lowering costs.
The privileged target Customers are the IT and Network Managers, who are given the tools to analyze and optimize network performance, achieving a saving in economic terms and an improvement of services provided to internal and outside users.


The Xech solutions allow to improve the use of the corporate network and to optimize costs, defining the capacity of bandwidth to be allocated to the level of individual application and/or individual user. This results both a direct economic return - as a bandwidth saving capabilities - and an indirectly economic return, especially when low performance applications have a negative impact on the activities of business. Moreover, a network management focused on real business needs allow  to increase the level of satisfaction of internal and external users and gain a significant return in terms of image.

Xech supports customers in the improvement of the performances of the technology infrastructure

In the delivery of services to customers, an important telecommunications company detected significant performance and reliability degradation in some critical components.


The quality of IT services has a significant impact on the achievement of the business results of a company; in particular, downtime or degradation in the performances of mission- and business-critical web solutions may jeopardize both customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

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