News Certification by Ministry of Economic Development for compliancy to Resolution AGCOM 244/08/CSP and ETSI EN 202 057 v1.2.1
Certification by Ministry of Economic Development for compliancy to Resolution AGCOM 244/08/CSP and ETSI EN 202 057 v1.2.1

January 2014 - Xech in collaboration with Vodafone Italy has been certified by the Ministry of Economic Development, Department of Communications, for compliancy to Resolution 244/08 / CSP and ETSI EN 202 057 v1.2.1. The certified software, called XWebProbe, is an agent of the solution Xspotter of Xech, which measure the Quality of Service provided by the ISP to its customers, both in the fixed network (eg. ADSL) that for the mobile network (eg. LTE ).

XWebProbe 5.0 is available as a Windows service and, once installed, is completely controlled by the centralized system Xspotter.

The solution developed by Xech to measure the Quality of Service of ISPs, based on the platform Xspotter, allows for test campaigns using the XWebProbe agent installed on probes (PC or windows servers) located in different points of the network and using different communication technologies, fixed (eg. ADSL) or mobile (eg. LTE). Each test campaign consists of sequences of measurements of different types (upload, download, latency, packet loss, etc.). 

The configuration of the test campaigns and their composition is performed in a centralized way by the web console Xspotter; test results and the measurements collected by the sensor are sent to the central server Xspotter, which presents to the customer graphs and reports relating to the measures of each probe, or configurable aggregations.

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Xech supports customers in the improvement of the performances of the technology infrastructure

In the delivery of services to customers, an important telecommunications company detected significant performance and reliability degradation in some critical components.


The variety of services delivered by companies determines quick changes in network infrastructures, which are becoming increasingly complex. netXpand has been designed and implemented to enable the centralized management of the large volume of information (IP addresses, devices, connections between devices, etc.) regarding the corporate network and to check out its consistency.

Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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