Xech was established in the early 2000s, harnessing its founders’20-year experience in the Information Technology industry. The common matrix of the multiple facets of this company is web-based application outsourcing, which was started when this was an innovative and pioneering business area; this common basis also includes the specialist expertise of Xech founders, collected in consulting, software and solution development for the telecommunications industry, in the design and development of large-size data centers of mobile telephone operators and in software tools.
The integration of this manifold experience suggested the idea of establishing a company which, harnessing the history of the IT industry in the last two decades, focused on critical high-tech innovation business areas and looked beyond national borders, towards the global market.Xech's supply is based on products and services for the monitoring, high availability and security of highly critical web-based solutions. From an organizational point of view, Xech is inspired on an enterprise-network model: partners contribute to company leadership, both from an operational and a strategic point of view. The enterprise-network model also lies at the foundations of Xech future development, which involves the creation of a network of companies focused on complementary supply segments.

In Cap Gemini Geda Spa at Lombardia Informatica he was in charge of starting the IT facilities of Varese, Como and Legnano hospitals. Subsequently he gathered extensive experience in System Integration with Telecom Spa on behalf of IBM. He worked in the Etnoteam Spa Operation division as system and storage director. In Xech he is Infrastructure and Systems Director.

Mr Gervasoni worked extensively in the Telettra-Alcatel R&D department, focusing specifically on the development of products for the development of large-size projects. He was formerly Application Operation Manager in an outsourcing company. In Xech he coordinates large-size development projects targeted to major customers.

In Telettra-Alcatel he was in charge of network management software development and later in Interbanking Services, he was responsible for networking and web applications. In Omnitel-Vodafone he also focused on networking and security projects and in he was security and network infrastructure – as well as application infrastructure - Design Executive. In Xech he is Networking and Security Director.

He worked for Etnoteam Sales Management focusing, among other things, on major Telecommunication customers. In Candle Southern Europe he was Director for Italy, France, Spain and Portugal as regards application integration solutions. In Xech he is Chairman and Sales Director.

Mr Tiraboschi has gathered extensive experience in the design of software for the Telecommunications industry.
He was formerly Business Development Division Director. He is currently Xech Managing Director.

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Xech designs and implements the technological infrastructure needed to deliver a complex service

A leading telecommunications service company leveraged Xech’s skills to design the technology infrastructure needed to deliver leading-edge and complex services.
First of all Xech analyzed the needs related to the service to be delivered and defined the level of criticality of the service with the customer.


The legislative provisions on the security and information monitoring on the data traffic of customers of TLC operators require suitable tools for the correlation of data traffic information. XEcs has been designed and implemented by Xech to allow for a correlation between user and data traffic for each individual customer of TLC operators. XEcs also allows creating a traffic history, while ensuring maximum security of the data archived and privacy.


Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

All information is available in the Jobs section.