Success Stories Xech designs and implements the technological infrastructure needed to deliver a complex service

Subsequently, Xech designed the technology infrastructure in order to find a balance between the necessary investments and the expected service level. The customer, after approving the project, entrusted Xech with the implementation of the infrastructure and the coordination of the various vendors involved in the activity. In a test environment Xech performed performance and reliability tests to check sustainable loads and the ability to deliver the service even in case of simulated unavailability of an infrastructure component. Thanks to these tests, Xech has been able to provide the Customer with important indications on how to expand, if needed, the infrastructure implemented. Xech successfully executed the activity up to the completion of integration and acceptance tests, providing the customer with the infrastructure ready for operation.

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Xech supports customers in the improvement of the performances of the technology infrastructure

In the delivery of services to customers, an important telecommunications company detected significant performance and reliability degradation in some critical components.


The quality of IT services has a significant impact on the achievement of the business results of a company; in particular, downtime or degradation in the performances of mission- and business-critical web solutions may jeopardize both customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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