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XECH started out with an assessment stage, analyzing the services provided by the Customer and the underlying hardware and software infrastructure.
Subsequently, XECH implemented the XSpotter solution, focusing on the module which automatically runs the most significant transactions executed by users (Virtual Transaction).
As a result it was possible to check end-user experience immediately, indicating in real time any performance degradations or service unavailability.
XECH also defined which technology components delivering the service are to be monitored and the relevant criticality thresholds: this allows for an immediate diagnosis of the causes in case of reliability or performance problems.
“I need to monitor service levels of our solutions focusing on the performances perceived by end users”.
Thanks to XSpotter, customers can be informed at any time of end-user experience and are provided with the necessary real-time information to identify the causes of reliability problems and performance degradation.

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XSpotter misura l'end user experience

Xspotter misuraA Financial and Insurance Services Company was to provide internal and external customers with high-availability on-line services delivering suitable performances. For the on-going checking of the service levels actually delivered, the Company decided to adopt XSpotter, the XECH tool built to monitor and measure end-to-end IT solution and service performances.


Following the publication of "Decreto Gentiloni", defining the technical requirements for the filtering tools to prevent the access to sites identified by the "National Center for the contrast of child pornography", is come the need for the Internet Providers to adopt appropriate solutions.

Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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