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Following the publication of "Decreto Gentiloni", defining the technical requirements for the filtering tools to prevent the access to sites identified by the "National Center for the contrast of child pornography", is come the need for the Internet Providers to adopt appropriate solutions.

EcliXe has been designed and implemented to allow Internet Service Providers to automatically carry out with the requirements of the "Decreto Gentiloni", in order to forbid the access to the sites that offer child pornography stuff.

Product macro-capability
EcliXe automatically collects every day from the site of CNCP (National Center for the Contrast of Child Pornography) the updated list of the internet sites that offer child pornography stuff, then identifies the new sites to be forbidden or to be re-allowed comparing with the previous lists recorded in the database. The Xech solution then configures the network devices (DNS, firewall, router, etc.) in order to forbid to the internet users to access to the sites in the "black list" and notify to the CNCP the completion of the configuration. EcliXe furthermore notifies the administrator for any detected anomaly in the various phases of activity. The solution proposed by Xech is web-based and provided in high availability configuration.

Target Customers
EcliXe was designed and developed in order to provide to the Internet Providers an effective help in the activities required to forbid the access to the sites that offer child pornography. In particular it is addressed to the Security Managers.


Functional and technical specifications
Below are listed ecliXe main technical and functional characteristics:

  • Downloading of the “black list” published on CNCP site (through HTTPS with client/server digital certificates)
  • Storing and encryption of the “black list” on relational database
  • Management of the "black list" updates (new sites to forbid or to allow)
  • Implementation of the work-flow for the inhibition and / or restore of sites in the "black list", providing the configurations for the involved network devices
  • Uploading of the configurations to the network devices (DNS, Firewall, ACL Router, dedicated devices)
  • Sending of notifications to the CNCP through encrypted e-mail with digital signature
  • High availability
  • Administration system with web interface 
  • Logging system

The solution includes the following application components:

  • Application Engine J2EE (work-flow logic, administration interface)
  • Database Engine RDBMS (data archiving)
  • Plugin DNS (work-flow and software for DNS configuration)
  • Plugin Firewall (work-flow and software for Firewall configuration)
  • Plugin Router (work-flow and software for Router configuration)
  • Plugin Appliance (work-flow and software for Appliance configuration)
  • Access Control (administrators authentication and profiling)
  • Logging System (logging of all the executed actions and their completion)
  • Alert System (notification through e-mail to administrators and CNCP)

EcliXe is compliant with the following technology standards:

  • Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
  • W3C Standards: HTTP 1.0 (RFC 1945) – HTTP(S) 1.1 (RFC 2616) – HTML – XML – CSS
  • ANSI/ISO Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • TCP-IP (RFC 791-793)


EcliXe allows to effectively comply with the requirements of the Decreto Gentiloni in compliance with very stringent deadlines.

Xech designs and implements the technological infrastructure needed to deliver a complex service

A leading telecommunications service company leveraged Xech’s skills to design the technology infrastructure needed to deliver leading-edge and complex services.
First of all Xech analyzed the needs related to the service to be delivered and defined the level of criticality of the service with the customer.


The spread of complex and heterogeneous corporate information systems has made it increasingly necessary to facilitate the management of security issues, enabling a quick and effective identification of network devices and system problems.
XSecure has been designed and implemented to aggregate the large volume of security data available, for quicker problem analysis and diagnosis.


Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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