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The variety of services delivered by companies determines quick changes in network infrastructures, which are becoming increasingly complex. netXpand has been designed and implemented to enable the centralized management of the large volume of information (IP addresses, devices, connections between devices, etc.) regarding the corporate network and to check out its consistency.


Product macro-capability
netXpand allows the centralized tracking and management of the IP address planning system of a corporate network; the products can manage hosts and their IP addresses for various subnets, virtual LANs, etc. netXpand also allows for the centralized management of the connections between the various devices and enables cross-checking between inter-connection data of the IP addressing plan. In addition, netXpand allows for centralized DNS management.
Data access and management can be executed remotely, over the Internet, through a graphic interface. Information on IP addresses and physical interconnections is archived on a centralized database which enables effective querying and concurrent accesses. The same database is used to store network device configuration (routers, switches, etc.): scheduled procedures allow for the automatic entry of the information in the devices. Finally, netXpand allows entering the configurations of different firewall types and analyzing them in order to identify any security flaws and missing or useless rules.


Target Customers
netXpand has been designed and implemented to provide a valid tool to Network Managers of companies whose complex network requires effective management of IP address assignment, interconnections between devices, DNS, archiving and checking of device configuration, while exceeding the limits of the more often used tools, which are not equipped with an effective search system, cause alignment problems and do not support concurrent accesses.


Functional and technical specifications
Below are listed netXpand main technical and functional characteristics:

  • IP address management: netXpand makes it possible to manage IP addresses in a centralized way, avoiding information non-alignments between the various divisions of a company or a Group;
  • subnet and supernet management: netXpand allows managing subnets and supernets by means of an IP address assignment plan for various countries and hierarchical navigation between different levels;
  • automatic entry of information on devices (e.g. DNS and routers), with possibility of periodic checking of stored data consistency against the network infrastructure;
  • connectivity network management: netXpand allows tracking all physical interconnections regarding racks, devices, patch panels, etc.;
  • IP address assignment rules: netXpand allows defining the rules for IP address assignment and reservation;
  • configuration management: netXpand automatically enters and stores network device configurations, offering the possibility of carrying out various analyses (e.g. comparison between versions, data search in configurations, etc.);
  • DNS management: with netXpand you can centrally enter or remove entries (IP address-name association) in several DNS at the same time;
  • Security Management: with netXpand you can automatically retrieve firewall configurations to carry out lexical, syntactic and semantic correctness analyses and to identify any flaws in terms of security, missing or useless rules;
  • data export, search and filtering: all netXpand data can be easily exported in a CSV format, the search can be refined using filters that limit the quantity of information to be shown;
  • Web-GUI: netXpand is equipped with a web-oriented graphical interface which allows accessing and managing data remotely;
  • user profiling: each netXpand user can be associated to a profile, thanks to which you can check accesses and changes made.

netXpand is compliant with the following technology standards:

  • Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
  • W3C Standards: HTTP 1.0 (RFC 1945) – HTTP(S) 1.1 (RFC 2616) – HTML – XML – CSS - AJAX
  • ANSI/ISO Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • TCP-IP (RFC 791-793)


netXpand reduces IP address and network connection management costs thanks to information centralization and correlation of heterogeneous data sources.
More in general, netXpand reduces network management costs, detecting non-alignments and ensuring information reliability.

The adoption of netXpand reduces corporate network management costs

In a leading Telecommunication Service company, the high complexity of the networking infrastructure and the quick changes in its configurations made it necessary to introduce a solution replacing the use of the simplest tools not designed specifically, thus solving information non-alignments and inconsistencies.


The spread of complex and heterogeneous corporate information systems has made it increasingly necessary to facilitate the management of security issues, enabling a quick and effective identification of network devices and system problems.
XSecure has been designed and implemented to aggregate the large volume of security data available, for quicker problem analysis and diagnosis.


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