Services Monitoring

Xech monitoring solutions allow for the systematic and on-going checking of all infrastructure components (network, servers, applications), through the real-time monitoring of application status indicators regarding availability, service levels and performances perceived by users.

In particular, Xech solutions allow detecting significant performance decreases or operation problems and identifying their cause, can predict availability or performance problems and constantly monitor actual service levels against planned ones.


Methodology used
XMonitoring, the proprietary methodology devised and used by Xech in the design and implementation of monitoring solutions, involves crossing data collected horizontally for the various solution components - hardware, network, operating systems, middleware – and vertically– simulating the use of a specific application, whose operation is ensured by the various “horizontal” elements.
This approach allows for an effective detection of malfunctions that are really critical in terms of the services delivered; if a server is temporarily unavailable, this may not significantly affect service levels or, vice versa, an application may continue its operation until the consequences of a hardware malfunction cause a sudden service interruption: only by crossing vertical and horizontal data can you identify, classify and solve problems according to their level of criticality and within the most suitable timing.


Xech can support the customer in all the design and implementation stages of a monitoring solution. Typically, Xech’s activity articulates as follows:

  • customer requirement collection and analysis;
  • analysis of the solution to be implemented;
  • development of the solution, based on the use of XSpotter, Xech’smonitoring product, which is tailored to specific needs and can be integrated into other products already being used by the customer;
  • installation and set up;
  • solution maintenance and evolution.



Target customer
Xech monitoring solutions are targeted to all the companies which rely on Information Technology as a strategic resource to achieve their business objectives, use web-based applications to manage basic processes and identify the performance checking of these applications as a critical success factor.
Xech monitoring service and solution supply is based on a targeted approach by customer type; large-size organizations, which are usually already equipped with various technology infrastructure checking tools are offered custom solutions which, besides covering unsupervised areas, integrate with existing tools; medium-sized enterprises are offered a complete monitoring solution based on XSpotter, which is developed in-house.
In addition, since Xech solutions are ultimately aimed at monitoring availability and performances at application end-user level, the company has developed specific industry solutions, for VOIP applications, videostreaming and SAP business software environments. Xech privileged interlocutors at customers’ are typically – in large-sized enterprises - Monitoring Managers or Application Area Managers, while in medium-sized enterprises Xech interacts directly with IT Managers providing them, amongst other things, with very important data for capacity planning and asset management.


Xech solutions, thanks to the timely notification of faults or degradations of performance and the infrastructure involved, allows for a better assignment of problem-solving priorities against business targets, which involves significant maintenance time savings on the part of the support teams and provides a valid help in prevention and maintenance planning.

This involves an immediate economic return, especially when a disservice or reduced application performances have a negative impact on the customer’s business.
In addition, using Xech solutions, customers can rely on the data needed for capacity planning, asset management and compliance with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), the de-facto standard which contains the guidelines to organize and best deliver IT services to companies.

Xech designs and implements the technological infrastructure needed to deliver a complex service

A leading telecommunications service company leveraged Xech’s skills to design the technology infrastructure needed to deliver leading-edge and complex services.
First of all Xech analyzed the needs related to the service to be delivered and defined the level of criticality of the service with the customer.


The legislative provisions on the security and information monitoring on the data traffic of customers of TLC operators require suitable tools for the correlation of data traffic information. XEcs has been designed and implemented by Xech to allow for a correlation between user and data traffic for each individual customer of TLC operators. XEcs also allows creating a traffic history, while ensuring maximum security of the data archived and privacy.


Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

All information is available in the Jobs section.