Services High Availability

When for a company it becomes essential to access applications, databases, network services and web services on an on-going basis and with high performance levels, there must be a suitable technology infrastructure.
Xech proposes technology and application infrastructure design and/or re-engineering services, so as to ensure high availability and the on-going use of the most important services, limiting and reducing performance degradation and fault risks by moving a service from a system to the other in case of fail-over.


Methodology used
XAvailability, the proprietary methodology devised and used by Xech in the design and implementation of solutions to increase the availability of technology and application infrastructures, involves the joint effort of multiple capabilities, associated to the various levels which make up an IT solution: networking, system engineering, storage area network, middleware, and application capabilities.
This approach, which combines diverse capabilities, allows tackling – globally and from all points of view - all the elements which contribute to determine the availability of a solution and to effectively identify the action areas where to operate to improve this availability.


Xech supports the customers in all design and implementation stages of a solution aimed at ensuring the availability levels required for an application and more in general an IT service. Usually, Xech activity consists of the following:

  • identification of customer requirements;
  • check up of the as-is IT solution architecture both by means of interviews to technology and application managers and by means of measurements and collection of data on the technology infrastructure and configurations, in order to identify criticalities and risk elements for service continuity and to identify recovery times;
  • definition of an activity and investment priority plan to align the solution functionality requirements with customer-defined business targets;

support to solution implementation:

  • design, installation and configuration of clusters
  • design and configuration of the SAN
  • design, installation and configuration of Backup/Recovery solutions
  • personalization and implementation of monitoring agents for custom applications in a cluster area.



Target customers
Xech High Availability services and solutions are designed specifically for companies which are to ensure the availability of a mission-critical application, or, more in general, an essential service on a round-the-clock basis.
These are, for example, on-line trading, e-commerce, home banking, SMS and videostreaming service companies.
Xech services are required typically by Application Area Managers in larger-sized companies, while in medium sized-companies Xech interacts directly with IT Managers.


Xech services allow Customers to identify the weaknesses and potential risks in a technology and application infrastructure, to identify appropriate correction measures and to prioritize action areas considering the customer’s actual availability requirements.

The adoption of netXpand reduces corporate network management costs

In a leading Telecommunication Service company, the high complexity of the networking infrastructure and the quick changes in its configurations made it necessary to introduce a solution replacing the use of the simplest tools not designed specifically, thus solving information non-alignments and inconsistencies.


The variety of services delivered by companies determines quick changes in network infrastructures, which are becoming increasingly complex. netXpand has been designed and implemented to enable the centralized management of the large volume of information (IP addresses, devices, connections between devices, etc.) regarding the corporate network and to check out its consistency.

Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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