Services Performance Improvement
Xech services for the performance improvement in complex solutions allow analyzing and testing actions to align actual with expected performances, which are often an essential condition to achieve the customer’s business targets.


Methodology used
XPerformance, the proprietary methodology devised and used by Xech to design and implement performance improvement solutions, involves the joint contribution of diverse capabilities related to the various levels that make up an IT solution: networking, systems engineering, storage area network, middleware and application capabilities.
This approach, which combines a variety of capabilities, allows tackling - globally and from all perspectives – the elements which contribute to determine the performances of a solution and to effectively identify action areas where to operate in order to improve these performances.


Xech supports the customer in all the stages of the design and implementation of a solution aimed at improving the performances of an application or, more in general, of an IT service.
Typically, Xech’s activity consists of the following:

  • identification of customer requirements;
  • assessment of the as-is IT solution architecture both by means of interviews to technology and application managers, carried out according to proprietary check lists, and by measuring and collecting performance data; using proprietary tools and/or market tools you monitor and test performance (instances, throughput, end-user response times...), so as to identify criticalities and check the conditions when performance problems arise that may jeopardize the customer’s business targets;
  • definition of a set-up and change activity plan (applications, hw/sw platforms, databases, moving) for the operation of the solution, meeting customer-defined performance targets. Individual changes to the infrastructure are tested by means of additional performance tests;
  • support to solution implementation.



Target customers
Xech performance improvement solutions for applications or more in general for services, cater for all the companies whose business targets are strictly related to these performances. In particular, Xech performance improvement services are often required for applications processing large volumes of data in real time.
In large-sized enterprises, typically it is the Application Area Manager who requires Xech services, while in medium- sized enterprises Xech interacts directly with IT Managers.


The direct benefit of Xech performance improvement solutions is the improvement of the efficiency of one or more IT services, which involves the quality improvement of IT services supporting business users.
From a strictly IT point of view, Xech provides all the information needed for an optimum sizing of the solution, in order to obtain scale economies and to quantify possible cost savings. In more general terms, in all cases when the performance of a solution affects business results, the services offered by Xech produce immediate economic returns for customer companies.

XSpotter misura l'end user experience

Xspotter misuraA Financial and Insurance Services Company was to provide internal and external customers with high-availability on-line services delivering suitable performances. For the on-going checking of the service levels actually delivered, the Company decided to adopt XSpotter, the XECH tool built to monitor and measure end-to-end IT solution and service performances.


The legislative provisions on the security and information monitoring on the data traffic of customers of TLC operators require suitable tools for the correlation of data traffic information. XEcs has been designed and implemented by Xech to allow for a correlation between user and data traffic for each individual customer of TLC operators. XEcs also allows creating a traffic history, while ensuring maximum security of the data archived and privacy.


Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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