Xech service and solution supply consists of five areas:

  • Monitoring
  • Performance Improvement
  • High Availability
  • Security
  • Deep Packet Inspection



Xech monitoring solutions are designed for all the companies which implement web-based applications to manage the core processes of their business and identify performance monitoring of these applications as a critical success factor.
The solutions designed and built by Xech are based on the XMonitoring proprietary solution and allow carrying out a systematic monitoring of all infrastructure components (network, servers, applications) checking out in real time a set of indicators of application status in terms of availability, service levels and performance perceived by users.
In particular, Xech solutions allow:

  • detecting performance degradation or operation problems, identifying their cause
  • predicting the occurrence of availability or performance problems
  • checking out actual service levels, identifying differences from planned values.

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Xech solutions for the improvement of application or service performances are designed for all the companies whose business targets are closely linked to performance. In particular, Xech improvement performance services are often required for applications processing large volumes of data in real time.
Xech services based on XPerformance proprietary methodology allow analysing and measuring performances – e.g. by applying Xech or Third-Party stress-test tools - and identifying the actions required to align actual with expected performances, which is often an essential condition to achieve the customer’s business targets.
Xech supports the Customer in all design and implementation stages regarding solutions aimed at improving the performance of an IT application or service, from customer need identification to architectural assessment and solution implementation support.
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High Availability services and solutions proposed by Xech are designed specifically for companies which are to ensure the availability of mission-critical applications or, more in general, an essential service on a round-the-clock basis.

Xech offers technology and application architecture design and/or re-engineering services in order to ensure high availability and on-going use of the most important services, limiting and reducing performance degradation and fault risks by moving a service from a system to the other in case of fail-over.

Xech supports the Customer in all the design and implementation stages of a solution aimed at ensuring the availability levels required for an application or, more in general, an IT service, from the identification of solution end-customer requirements to the definition of an activity and investment priority plan, to solution implementation support.

Xech services, based on the XAvailability proprietary methodology, enable Customers to identify the weaknesses and potential risks in a technology and application infrastructure, detect appropriate correction measures and prioritize action areas considering the customer’s actual availability requirements.
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Xech security services and solutions, based on the XSecurity proprietary solution, allow for the systematic monitoring of the entire life-cycle of a security solution, covering Solution Planning, Operation&Change Management, Detection of the problem and Response to a given attack.
Special importance is attached to IT Security Management solutions, i.e. the corporate process which manages and ensures a pre-determined security information level, for IT services and the technology infrastructure.
Xech solutions, on the basis of the analysis of the as-is corporate situation, analyze potential vulnerabilities and optimize Security Operation best-practices, with a timely identification of potential accidents, and the system engineering capability to recover standard operation of resources and produce the following main benefits:
  • increase corporate asset and image protection
  • immediate reduction of business operating risks
  • improve efficiency in anomaly detection and recovery processes and in updating/change and reporting
  • integration with all the issues of the security management life-cycle

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The Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a method of analyzing the data packets in order to detect the contents not belonging to pre-defined criteria.

This type of analysis was mainly used by the Internet Service Provider to identify anomalies in the protocols, intrusions and propagation of viruses, to maximize the traffic on the network and to gather statistical data about the network usage. However, the progressive growth in bandwidth usage is causing - for companies in all the business sectors - the need to have a way of analyzing the type of traffic and to identify priorities in the use of the bandwidth according to actual business needs.

The DPI solutions provided by Xech allow analysis of the Customer network from an application point of view, in order to improve the utilization and optimize the costs. In particular the Xech solutions allow to examine not only the header of data packets passing through the network, but also the data contained in packages that, once labeled, can be redirected, blocked, tagged, restricted in terms of bandwidth or simply logged for post-analysis.

Thanks to DPI, the companies can optimize the network usage, through the reduction of bandwidth consumption, reduce costs, by defining the IP flow to assign priority, based on application type and user profile.

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Xech designs and implements the technological infrastructure needed to deliver a complex service

A leading telecommunications service company leveraged Xech’s skills to design the technology infrastructure needed to deliver leading-edge and complex services.
First of all Xech analyzed the needs related to the service to be delivered and defined the level of criticality of the service with the customer.


The quality of IT services has a significant impact on the achievement of the business results of a company; in particular, downtime or degradation in the performances of mission- and business-critical web solutions may jeopardize both customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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