The complexity of IP solutions has quickly increased and along with it the need for effective tools to support their management and security. Xech products have been developed in order to facilitate the functionality of business critical solutions, thanks to the monitoring, identification and diagnosis of malfunctions and the addressing of increasingly frequent security problems.
Xech supply consists of three main types of products: monitoring, security and management tools.


is a troubleshooting and monitoring SW Framework which measures web solution and technology component performances. XSpotter has been built to monitor and measure the performances of business-critical web solutions, in order to identify degradation and malfunction causes, since technology performances are a basic condition to achieve business results.
In particular, XSpotter allows to the end-to-end measurement of services whoever delivers them - the internal IT organization or an outsourcer - and whoever the service user is.
Thanks to XSpotter modular and flexible concept, you can use it either as a stand-alone product or as a tool to complete and optimize monitoring suites that may already be present in customers’ information systems. XSpotter has been implemented successfully by big customers from Telecommunications and other industries.

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XEcs and XSecure
XEcs is a “Real-Time Event Correlation” solution for the centralized tracking, managing and archiving of the information generated from heterogeneous networking devices and software solutions, while XSecure is a platform to collect and correlate security data and logs (firewall, IDS, VPN, AAA, Antivirus, etc.).
These tools have been designed to facilitate security management, which is highly complex in heterogeneous information systems.
Xech solutions meet specific phone traffic tracking forensic needs, support security internal requests, allowing for the execution of real-time analyses, help correlate events and are essential tools in corporate security auditing and certification.

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netXpand allows to centralized management of the IP address planning system of a corporate network, DNS, connections between the various devices, hosts and their IP addresses for various subnets, virtual LANs, etc. and enables cross-checking between the inter-connection data of the IP addressing plan.
netXpand is an advanced tool which effectively meets increasing management and administration needs of network infrastructures, reducing management costs, identifying non-alignments and ensuring information reliability.

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EcliXe is a solution that has been designed and implemented to allow Internet Service Providers to automatically carry out with the requirements of the "Decreto Gentiloni", in order to forbid the access to the sites that offer child pornography stuff.
EcliXe automatically collects every day from the site of CNCP (National Center for the Contrast of Child Pornography) the updated list of the internet sites that offer child pornography stuff, then apply to the network devices the required configuration in order to forbid the access to the sites in the "black list".

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XSecure for security data checking at all levels

A Telecommunications Company with a complex and articulated infrastructure had been introducing several security monitoring tools. The high number of these tools, used at various levels, generated non-homogeneous reports and alerts, which made it difficult to analyze problems and identify the causes.


The legislative provisions on the security and information monitoring on the data traffic of customers of TLC operators require suitable tools for the correlation of data traffic information. XEcs has been designed and implemented by Xech to allow for a correlation between user and data traffic for each individual customer of TLC operators. XEcs also allows creating a traffic history, while ensuring maximum security of the data archived and privacy.


Recruitment in Spain and Portugal

August 2014 - Xech, Xech, growing at international level, is looking for skilled people in the area of Madrid (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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